Monday, October 18, 2010

Up, Out, Ite, & Walking

It's been a while again.  But this time Raiden has taken some pretty big strides.  Raiden is now 13 months old.  At the end of September Raiden said his first 2 words!  Up & Out!!!  It was pretty cute to see him pushing his little tray saying up up up and then out out out.  Although a few days later he mixed the two words together into the new word ite.  Ite is his word for everything, but we still get a few distinctive ups and outs out of him.  He also likes to call all his stuff animals dodo or doda or dado or dada.  It just depends on the day. 

Though Raiden took his first steps by himself in September, he finally started to walk by himself!!  Oct. 13th!  What a wonderful day!  It was a Wednesday and I forgot to tell Brandon that he was walking by himself.  He just about had a heart attack when Raiden stepped away from the fridge and proceeded to walk to our dining room table.  It was great!  I love that I don't have to bend and help him as much.  He still likes to walk with help in unfamiliar places and uneven surfaces, but it's so wonderful seeing him walking so fast!  This is the beginning of a really fun stage!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Far Too Long

Okay, So I let time and the craziness of life get to me.  Here's a picture recap from our lives, since Raiden's 6 Weeks.
Raiden at 2 months!
Raiden learning the fine motor skills of combing his hair.   Just Kidding, his hands were always in fist, so we wanted to see if he could hang on to it.
Raiden in his bunting from Great Grandma Tseu.  He's so cute!! Like a teddy bear!
Just a cute picture of Raiden in his bib from Aunty Ally.
Raiden and friends!  Rarrr, Caw Caw, and Mr. Froggy.
3 months and hard at work with dad.
Raiden's First Christmas Picture with Santa Claus!!  He wasn't exactly into it.  But at least he didn't cry.
Dad's idea of fun or funny!  Don't worry we were very careful.  Plastic bags and babies never mix.

On the plane to Utah!!  Yea Christmas Vacation!!  Raiden was 3 months old!! He was really good on all the plane rides!!  He slept through most of them!!

Obachan and Raiden on Christmas Day!!
Great Grandma Tseu and Raiden on Christmas day!!

Grandpa and Raiden on Christmas Day! He got spoiled being held so much!
Ally and Jared with Raiden.  Back then they were engaged.
At Raiden's baby blessing.
Back in Indiana and learning to slide down dad's back during a shoulder ride.  Look at those cheeks!

The Preliminary steps to helping Raiden sit up on his own.  Lots of pillows and padding.
Happy on his tummy, finally!  It took a while but Raiden learned to roll and be happy on his tummy!  Yea!


The only great part of bath time was getting out of the tub and the occasional hairdo by dad.  Raiden loved to chew his towel. 4 months
Learning to be mobile and get around.  Raiden figured out how to push himself up.  Look at that long hair! 

 Lazy Sunday with Dad.  Go BYU!
Raiden's First solid foods!!  He was pretty happy about it!!  Pretty good at it too! 6 months

At Ally and Jared's Wedding.  It was fun and Ally was so beautiful and Jared very tall.

He finally learned to sit all by himself!!

Loving to eat solid food finally!! That's a happy messy face.

Abuelon came to visit us!!  Yea, it was a short visit, but fun!  7 months.

Trying to help unpack the boxes in our new house.

Learning to crawl!!  Raiden on the move!!  Can't believe how fast it was. 8 Months

Raiden's first hair cut.  These are the before pictures.

These are the After pictures.  No too bad, considering that mom did it.  Oh, I just love those chubby arms and tummy!!

Raiden got eaten by the laundry monster!  Well he decided that he wanted to help me.

Raiden's first hat!  What a looker!

Just a cute picture.

Rubber Pants Head!  When you run out of toys, you got to be creative to have fun!  Such a cutie! 8 1/2 months.

Well that's about all the picture of our little boy.  We love every minute with him.  Now to Brandon and I.  After finally getting used to not getting a full nights sleep, things have fallen into a routine.  Brandon helps Raiden in the morning before he's off to school and I get to be entertainer, chef, and pacifier all day.  Sometimes we can persuade Brandon to come home early.  Brandon and I were in Utah for Christmas, as you could probably tell.  We went back to Utah in March for Ally and Jared Wedding, which as soo wonderful.  During that time, we bought a house and once we get our house completely together then we'll take pictures.  So stay tuned.  Sorry this has been forever in the making.  We'll try harder to keep it updated, but no promises.  Brandon's Mom, Dad, and Robbie will be visiting us next week for a few day!!  We're extremely excited to have Grandparents and Uncle Robbie coming to visit.  We'll take pictures and write about it soon.  Love to you all!!
The Woodlands!